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On the initiative Au Premier Concours Foundation Objective Grandes Ecoles (FOGE) was born: the FOGE exists to be without foundation and endowment under the aegis of the Fondation de France. The FOGE  is intended as a fundraising organization for students. The FOGE is based on a number of values ​​in the context of a medium-term vision (duration of the Foundation: 5 years). The FOGE s’appuie sur un certain nombre de valeurs dans le cadre d’une vision à moyen terme (durée de la Fondation : 5 ans). La FOGE set itself the task of allowing a certain number of students to realize their potential.

Vision The right to education for all is what drives the action of the FOGE; since higher education must be made accessible to all, especially if the impediment is based on a lack of funds on the part of the student. The FOGE tends to be part of a line of social and solidarity economy.

Mission The FOGE mission is to promote merit, that is to say, the investment quality and potential of students across France. So students do not have the resources to pursue post-baccalaureate curriculum in high schools - as Sciences-Po, engineering schools, business schools and some fashion schools - have the possibility to be subsidized to conduct the first major project of their life in the future; graduate studies; a first autonomy and financial independence especially for these young people, but also the realization of their individuality - as shown in our logo.

Values The FOGE was created for mutual aid and sharing. This foundation is built on a transparent basis of which the moral and intellectual integrity guarantees its action. Indeed, humanism is the realization of a redistributive and egalitarian vision of individual rights; but is it not the very principle of philanthropy?

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The FOGE aims to raise funds through a call to gift and through patrons to redistribute form (money: either a payment per year date of payment of tuition) scholarships for cover tuition fees two to X students per year, and that, for the duration of their studies.



Access to knowledge and education should be a right and a collective goal. The ambitions of the FOGE are set exclusively on behalf of education and post-baccalaureate studies. A long-term, student applications have not changed; it is fair to think that the need for financial aid students will be still alive.



The FOGE is already engaged in building partnerships with other foundations; for French students wishing to integrate large foreign schools, or for foreign students wishing to come to study in France. In case of partnership with foreign Foundations for any purpose to establish private partnerships.


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The FOGE aims to promote access to higher education by awarding scholarships to deserving young students wishing to pursue a course in the Grandes Ecoles, primarily those who have passed the tray, or passing, and students currently passing the entrance exams of top business schools; of engineering schools and Sciences-Po in France or equivalent assistance abroad.

Our aim Promoting education as a means to development and empowerment for all. We believe that the development of any society depends on the quality and accessibility of training offered. That is why we are committed to support youth in their academic aspirations. A student who stands out from the others and demonstrated excellence deserves to be valued and rewarded for the effort they produce. It is also through the recruitment of talented students who will be tomorrow's leaders that the school built its reputation in France and worldwide.

Our values Our actions are part of the logic of humanist values and social commitment of the Foundation of France, and thus contribute to promote equal opportunities, to which all French subscribe. The Foundation wants to avoid that young people can not follow their vocation lack of resources. Indeed, it is not acceptable that talents are left on the roadside.

Our action The Foundation helps to fund the entire tuition in higher education. The selected students are awarded a grant of equivalent value to the duration of the five years of study with an average of € 10,000 per year, or € 50,000 per fellow.

You get into our values and want to integrate a large school, please fill out our application form to qualify for our scholarship.